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Greg Bied

Greg Bied

Vice President of Sales

Greg Bied is a seasoned expert in the realm of finance and real estate, with a career marked by impressive achievements and a reputation for excellence. Born in Los Angeles, Greg’s journey began with a strong work ethic, evident from his early days as a diligent newspaper delivery boy. His academic pursuits led him to Cal State University, Northridge, where he honed his skills in Business Administration, focusing on Finance and Real Estate. Greg’s professional journey has seen him rise from a local mortgage broker’s office manager to establishing his own hedge fund. Today, he dedicates his expertise to real estate transactions and assisting small and medium-sized businesses with their financing needs.

Greg Bied

Greg Bied is an unparalleled expert in the fields of finance and real estate, with an illustrious career that spans over three decades. His name is synonymous with dedication, hard work, and success, and he is widely recognized for his profound understanding of these complex sectors. Born and raised in the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, Greg’s journey is a compelling narrative of perseverance, ambition, and achievement.

From his early days, Greg demonstrated an extraordinary work ethic. His first job, delivering newspapers in his local community of Van Nuys, California, was a testament to his tenacity and commitment. Balancing this responsibility with school at a tender age of ten, Greg exhibited a level of discipline and determination that was far beyond his years. This early experience laid the foundation for his future endeavors, instilling in him a sense of responsibility that would become a cornerstone of his professional life.

Throughout his middle and high school years, Greg continued to balance academics and part-time jobs, showcasing an exceptional ability to manage multiple commitments. His dedication to his studies was rewarded when he graduated high school with honors, a testament to his academic prowess and unwavering commitment to excellence.


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